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In May 2011,was published by Shenzhen Press Group in May, 2011.

       LVSUN was recorded in 30 years of Shenzhen SEZ (Special Economic Zone) as the model of extension and innovation, which was published by Shenzhen Press Group in May, 2011.



In Jan.2011,the award of independent innovation.

      In Jan 2011,Many types of LVSUN products were honored with the award of independent innovation.



In Dec.2010,"Shenzhen Science and Technology research" award

      In Dec.2010, LVSUN’s Product s won the "Shenzhen Science and Technology research" award.




In 2010, LVSUN has become the executive member of “Shenzhen Industries Association”

      In Nov, 2010 Shenzhen LVSUN Electronics Co., LTD was promoted as “Shenzhen Industries Association” formally. Our general manager Mr Xu Jianhua was appointed as one of executive directors.




In 2010,  LVSUN also became the executive member of “Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association”

      On Nov 6th 2010, Shenzhen LVSUN Electronics Co., LTD was promoted as “Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association” formally.




In 2010, LVSUN became the executive member of “Guangdong High Technology Industry Chamber”

      On Nov 4th 2010, Shenzhen LVSUN Electronics Co., LTD was promoted as “Guangdong High Technology Industry Chamber” formally.



In 2010, JINAN University MBA teaching practice base is founded in LVSUN formally.

      On Oct 17th 2010, on the Convention of “Sixth of Graduate Congress of JINAN and the General election of Federation” The Professor Wu Jing, who is Assistant to the President of administration institute, Executive Director of MBA Education Center awarded our plaque of “JINAN University MBA teaching practice base.”  Since then, LVSUN hung out its shingle as “JINAN University MBA teaching practice base” formally.




In 2010, contract-observing and trustworthy enterprise of Guangdong

      In June of 2010, Guangdong Municipal Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau issued the certificate and plaque of contract- observing and trustworthy enterprise of Guangdong to LVSUN, which is a praise and encouragement to LVSUN to adhere to the principal of "quality first, supremacy of integrity” for many years. And it is also an affirmation to our good image of contract-observing and trustworthy




In 2009, the member of Shenzhen Hi-tech Industry Association

      November 28th, LVSUN was formally authorized the flat plaque and certificate by Shenzhen Hi-tech Industry Association, which represents LVSUN has been employed as a director of Shenzhen High-Tech Industry Association, and to fulfill the responsibilities of the governing units.




In 2009, LVSUN become member of SGIPA

      producing green products, building up green brands, and publicizing green knowledge




In 2008, LVSUN is awarded as "High tech Enterprise"

      In June, 2008, Shenzhen LVSUN is official authorized as "High tech Enterprise" by Shenzhen technology and information bureau, this is the achievement of our constant efforts in innovation and independent research development to our constant efforts in innovation, and the development by ourselves. As the first enterprise gaining this award in digital accessories industry, LVSUN have been dedicated to traditional technique improvement, original designing and development since it's establishment in year 2000, more than ten products were patented within few years. Over twenty patented products get prized for novel invention, universal laptop adaptor gained award for " global electronic product innovation design ", in compliance with CE, FCC, CB, EK, CCC, SAA etc.




In 2007, awarded as "Global electronic product innovation design"

      In 2007, " Global electronic product innovation design" team receive 400 pcs of candidated items from Mainland China, HK, Taiwan, Korea and other areas. Finally eight products from eight companies get awarded, including LVSUN's universal adaptor with LED. These years, LVSUN's product is incorporated with innovative intelligent technology, so the product launched is more intelligent, personalized and equal to worldwide branded product.





In 2005, LVSUN was awarded as China Famous Brand.






In 2005, LVSUN was awarded as China Famous Brand.






In 2004, LVSUN was awarded as China Battery Market  First Choosing Famous Brand.






In 2003, LVSUN was awarded as Consumers Reliable Brand.





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